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Chicago Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler Needs to Be Replaced

Why does it always seem that you can see things better from the couch then the Chicago Bears can see things from the sidelines?

Yes, I’m sure Jay Cutler has some good qualities and he apparently has a strong arm.  But he is a cry baby, a poor sport, a wimp!  Not that I could do the job better, but I am not a professional NFL quarterback either and getting paid millions to perform that job.  I know that when Jay Cutler is in the game the odds of the Chicago Bears winning are greatly decreased.  Remember the playoffs after all those interceptions?  Then he suddenly got injured.  He seems to get injured when it suites him.  I don’t see this as a coincidence.  Sacks, interceptions, and poor play.  It is time for Jay to be a solid #2 backup QB.


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